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About Us

Photography Lighting Accessories

Photo Gear Pro is run by professional experts in New York City with years of experience. We take immense pleasure in acknowledging photographers to photography by educating and removing the mystery that surrounds photography with equipment that is pleasantly charged. Our team regularly strives to bring the finest products on to the market in terms of quality and value.

Why Us

Photo Gear Pro delivers a wide spectrum of photography equipment and photography lighting from some of the most prominent brands in the industry. With everything from entire photography kits, Studio Softbox Lighting Kit, ring lights, video kits, flash strobe lighting, continuous lighting, paper backdrops, photo studio shooting tent, product photo tables, half-cases, camera straps, tripods, and more.

Our lighting products are perfect for accomplishing professional quality videos and photos. We also stock a spectrum of portable flash strobes and studio. Scan our array of LED lighting, videography gear such as camera cages, camera sliders, chroma-key green screens, LCD viewfinders, and more.

Our Mission

Photo Gear Pro is committed to offering the highest standard lighting lessons exclusively created by leaders in the market. From complicated studio set-ups to basic lighting, we have advice for every facet of photography studio equipment.

With years in business, Photo Gear Pro has become a leader in the photographic lighting arena. We provide essential lighting equipment for all your photographic lighting needs. Our professionals are dedicated to providing you complete lighting tutorials, great client service, and exceptional knowledge of photographic lighting procedures.

Assuring the client satisfaction, we are supplying the photographic lighting support accessories and lighting equipment in New York City. With our high standard product, we have been able to establish a wide spectrum of clients over the years.